Understanding ≠ Knowledge

Data, statistics, spreadsheets. From academia to industry, understanding data underlines success. But how best to understand information?

Project 1:


For the doctor who spends 8, 9, 10 or more hours every day with patients, Hepian offers a reliable, accurate and technological solution to the problem of creating records, test orders and medical letters for patient consultations.

Artificial intelligence listens to consultations with patients, organises information in line with what a doctor asks for and delivers information across a hospital - in under a minute.

Project 2:


A company that democratises information across its staff, rather than centralizing it at the top, empowers their whole workforce to do their jobs better.

Expeditious data delivers that. With little to no setup time, no requirement for technical knowledge and powerful analytics tools, visualise, present and deploy data across your business.

Project 3:


Demologi was born out of a need to better understand how a company culture affects different people in an organisation.

By applying behavioural psychology, machine learning and data analysis, Demologi helps firms to concentrate their efforts towards building a better business.

Our Methodology

How We Work



Every task in the workplace has one thing in common. It starts with a problem and ends with a solution. We start a relationship with a client by understanding the big picture of the problem they face.


Big Picture

The next stage is to break down their big picture, into lots of smaller steps. For example, a recruitment agent’s big picture is to place an employee in a client’s firm. However to do that they start by reading a job description and finding a CV to fill it.



Our partners and us then work together to reimagine each smaller step of the workflow, from the first question to the final solution. Our fundamental question is this, ‘where can a machine and a person work together’?



Daedalus, then builds a series of machine learning algorithms that solve the smaller problems we’ve learnt about. Then we deploy our internal User experience design team to create an intuitive interface that people can and want to work with.


Our Motivation

The foundation of a company is its purpose. At TDG our purpose evolves with those of our clients. The visions of the people we work with and build minds for, influence our own beliefs, views and future and that is a big part of why we do what we do, because we get to always be building, be discovering and be learning.

Oliver Bee
CEO, The Daedalus Group